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One day Victoria comes across a book “La Très Sainte Pyramide” (The Most Holy Pyramid). Her world turns upside down as disbelief and intrigue grasp her; the author is none other than the legendary ascended master, The Count of Saint Germain, and it is a new publication. Mysteriously she becomes compelled and obsessed with this book of the master’s alchemical great work and has to get to the bottom of it. She journeys through Paris to hopefully find the alchemist. In Paris, a love story begins.

Discover the City of Lights, take a look at some paintings, meet a handsome alchemist in this contemporary occult romance fiction.

Mysticism, symbolism and magical realism pervade throughout.

From the back of the book:

What is God? Who am I? Why am I here?

These are questions Victoria has been endlessly trying to answer all her life.

Things take a turn when she comes across a book, “La Très Sainte Pyramide.” The three centuries old alchemist, The Count of Saint Germain, has authored the book.

How can it be? Is he alive? Is the book legitimate or is it a scam?

Victoria sets out to answer!