The Icon

A mysterious book on alchemy by the Count of Saint Germain piques Victoria’s interest in existential questions. She becomes obsessed with the possibility of the author’s immortality and flies to Paris to search for him.

A surprise romance puts her principles to the test. It may finally put an end to her loneliness, but at what cost?

The Icon is a novella of metaphysical mystery and romance.


Atheros and Gertheryna

Atheros and Gertheryna is a modern-day fairy tale written for young and adult readers alike.

An epic adventure set in the Scottish Highlands, in the land of gods and monsters, it is a visual feast of faeries, dragons, and the infamous Midgard Serpent.


Click on the icon to listen to Irish folk songs featured in Atheros and Gertheryna.


Dreams of Love: A Book of Poems and Short Stories

Dreams of Love was born of the author's desire to share her encounter with a real life Grand Love.

Melodic and mystical, these tales and poetry of romance amuse and reveal the ecstasies and agonies of young love, passion, and lust. Thirteen short stories and nineteen poems weave together, following a thread.

Provocative and bold, perhaps even shocking! Dreams of Love will pierce through to stir up deep rooted emotions and will leave us wondering and reflecting long after we close the book.