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What is God? Who am I? Why am I here? These are questions Victoria has been endlessly trying to answer all her life.

Things take a turn when she comes across a book, “La Très Sainte Pyramide.” The three centuries old alchemist, The Count of Saint Germain, has authored the book. How can it be? Is he alive? Is the book legitimate or is it a scam?

Victoria sets out to answer!

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 Atheros and Gertheryna

Atheros and Gertheryna is a modern day fairytale, rooted in an ancient civilization BC. It contains the root of all fairy tales, in its theme. An epic adventure set in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland; in the land of Gods and monsters.

This fairytale is the story of Atheros and Gertheryna. It is the story of destiny, of two souls destined to be together, despite all the hardships on their path.

Enter their magical world and watch the world behind your eyes transform along with their story.  Be prepared for encounters that spark magical transformations, in both their inner and outer worlds.

You will see magical realism, omens, fairies, dragons and the infamous Midgard Serpent. It's Alice in Wonderland meets Snow White, meet The Alchemist at Rangnarök.

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Dreams of Love: A Book of Poems and Short Stories

Dreams of Love was born of the author's desire to share her encounter with a real life Grand Love.

Melodic and mystical, these tales and poetry of passion and romance amuse, and reveal the ecstasies and agonies of love and of passion, and the courage and risk necessary to follow our dreams. Thirteen short stories combined with nineteen poems weave together, following a thread. They read like a novel.

Provocative and bold, perhaps it is even shocking! Dreams of Love will pierce through to stir up deep rooted emotions, and will leave us wondering and reflecting long after we close the book.